Friday, February 7, 2014

Prime Minister and I

Ni Korean Drama yang ibu tonton setiap hari Isnin dan Selasa jam 9.05 pm di Astro channel 393.
Nak tunggu pakcik amir download belum dapat lagi.
Kena sabar lah menanti episod2 seterusnya.

Sementara tunggu kakak widad balik tuisyen boleh lah layan dulu :).
Wafi pun join sekali.
Annyeonghaseyo katanya.

Copy from here
At 42 years old, Kwon Yul (Lee Beom-soo) is South Korea's youngest prime minister ever. On top of his reputation of being an honest man of the utmost integrity, he's also a widower who raises his three children alone. But what the public doesn't know is that despite his perfect image, Yul is actually a struggling father devoid of even the most basic of parenting skills. Nam Da-jung (Im Yoona) is a journalist who resorts to writing for a trashy tabloid to support her ailing father, but when she chases Prime Minister Kwon for a lucrative exposé, she ends up scooping a whole lot more than she bargained for and the two end up in a contract marriage.[4]

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