Saturday, May 4, 2013

GE13: Monday is public holiday in Selangor

The Star Online
Saturday May 4,2013

SHAH ALAM: Monday has been declared as a public holiday for Selangor.
Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the decision was made for the convenience of voters, who would go to the polls tomorrow.
He said the public holiday would help the people of Selangor carry out their responsibility as voters.
The declaration is in line with Paragraph 9 of the Public Holidays Act 1951, which states that the state government can declare one day a year as a public holiday, he said in a statement yesterday.
“We hope that the public day will be used to return to the voters' respective constituencies, and that they don't have to rush back to work,” he said.
“We pray that all voters will return safely to carry out their duties as Malaysians.”

Jadinya sesiapa yang duduk kat Selangor tapi kerja kat KL @ Putrajaya kena bekerja pada hari Isnin lah yer
Ayah dan Cik Amie lah tue... jangan marah yerr... tunggu lah uols punya menteri umumkan cuti dulu. Jangan nak monteng pulak!

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